Olsen K came up with the idea of recovering the real value of the jewel. An idea to show that one of nature’s greatest treasures has its energy value and a baggage full of stories.

From an energetic point of view, the jewel arose from the need to carry stones and metals on the body, as a form of amulet. Warriors went to wars with emeralds on their left arms for protection.

With the evolution of fashion and design, stones and metals materialized into shapes and added a new value: the beautiful. In my view, it’s what fills the soul and naturally affects our self-esteem and makes the world more beautiful.

When we talk about the stories that gems tell, it’s the idea of what started billions of years ago – with its formation underground and having gone through different hands, whether in the lapidary, in the designer’s studio or in the goldsmith’s room, even come to you. It does not stop there! They will go on for generations and generations, just acquiring and transporting more and more energy and wisdom.

When I think about my role in this story, as a gemologist and designer, I feel like a messenger carrying a message that I don’t know, but which is very important – and it comes from the bottom of the earth to you; and I also feel a responsibility, through the lines of the drawing, to try to contribute to a more beautiful world.

I believe this is possible if each step of the process of forming a jewel is honored in the way it deserves.

For this reason, Olsen k, since its inception in 2018, has pursued the purpose of being an upcycling jewelry store, which values and understands that it only exists because each of the people who form it directly or indirectly are fundamental to the brand.

For us, real luxury means valuing nature and sustainability, in addition to, of course, handmade, a manual process that remains firm and strong in jewelry as a way of making stones. Naturally, the exclusivity is within the pieces, which carry touches and gems that were not produced in series. The very environment where the stone emerged shaped it to leave it in this format – and we greatly respect this element as a whole.

Regarding resources, we only use recycled metal in our parts, which go through a rigid purification process to guarantee the content of 18k in gold and 950 in silver; taking advantage of what we have already extracted from the land and without extracting even more from nature. The sources of these resources are mainly old jewelry, junk mail.

With regard to stones, we use them in their entirety. From the most crystalline part to the most opaque and full of inclusions. Both parts of the same brute that took countless years to form and have enormous wisdom to share.

For the part that has more inclusions, which were considered imperfect and ended up, between about 30 and 70% of the gross, being discarded. We create unique cut designs, which we call laskas, for these leftovers. In this way, lapidaries were able to add and generate value for this material and make the gems complete the reason for its existence.

We value each one who goes through history in the jewel. We understand that the designer is nothing without the goldsmith, which in turn is nothing without the seller, and that there is nothing without the customer and the jewel does not fulfill its purpose if it is not used.

Each one is essential for the existence of a gem, and it carries the energy that started underground, but it also tells the story of each one who has gone through and will go through this process.

Therefore, it is essential that this chain is in harmony, so that only then is it possible to spread good energy and become beautiful and precious. Therefore, we take care of each person who works with us, from how much we pay for their work, but also for what we consider even more important, their recognition and well-being.

We want everyone at Olsen k to feel equally important in this process and to feel at home when they join Olsen k. That’s why we even call our studio ap22a; our home is your home. Where, in addition to knowing our pieces, you can follow the entire creation process and know who is behind that jewel. We also offer an eternal warranty so you can always use the parts.

The real value is in the energy she spends and the story she tells. Our philosophy is that everything you like and makes you feel good, combines, becomes beautiful and harmonious. That’s why we like to compose silver with gold, crystalline parts with laskas; and even break up pairs. We love asymmetries and imperfections; we believe that if they are in harmony, they can become incredibly interesting, precisely because they are not obvious.

We sell jewelry by units and we seek, whenever possible, to give more than one way to use the same piece. Therefore, our earrings are sold individually and become necklaces, and creativity is another important tool to reinvent the way to match each item.

These purposes were born inspired by two cultures, sometimes seen as opposite, but very complementary: Brazilian and Swedish. Where the festive mixes with the discreet; the detailed mixes with the simple and the complex mixes with the practical. It’s this mix we want to share with you.

It will be nice to exchange experiences and for you to be part of our history. Together we can somehow tell new stories and spread even more the beauty and wisdom of every gem out there.

Welcome to Olsen K!