Olsen K proposes a rediscovery of luxury in jewelry, using stones as a whole, with recycled gold and silver, thus minimizing waste in production – ranging from the creation of the piece to the packaging. For us, luxury has a very intimate relationship with nature and the way in which consumption consciously sees the use of the raw material it offers. There is a meeting between polished and raw gems as a way of contrasting two aesthetics that the brand believes are part of the same story. The devaluation of certain parts not classified as “precious” ends up causing the unnecessary disposal of parts of emeralds, quartz, sapphires and tourmalines. The nature of these stones is one. For Olsen K, one part is not worth more than the other. And, often, these stones that would be discarded (called by the brand “laskas”) receive a new design, and are refined, also generating a new source of income for lapidaries.
The term upcycling can also be used in metals, which always have their source of recycling. They can have different origins, such as electronic waste, automobile industry, old jewelry. At Olsen K, metals have the international LBMA certificate, which guarantees the quality of their ethical provenance and the test is not conflict material–no money laundering and human rights abuses. With this thought in the reuse and long life of gold, the brand also encourages customers to recycle in their old jewelry, recovering the used metal and giving the possibility of acquiring new jewelry in place of those that were left in the drawers. The acquired metals undergo a careful purification process to guarantee the metal content.
With regard to packaging, there is a creative proposal for a box, made with rapidly decomposing paper, in a format that allows for zero material waste due to its cuts. After purchase, the geometric box comes to life as a decoration item and, of course, continues as a jewelry box option to store your pieces. Or create a new use. Around here, we’ve seen customers turn them into lamps, embroidery, pencil holders…
Therefore, both with regard to stones, metals and packaging, our philosophy is to use resources in the best possible way, avoiding waste and transforming whenever possible.