“It’s a space for exchanges,” says Karina Olsen about Apê 22, her creative refuge. The idea is not to transform the space into a store or an office.

This is where each story begins to take shape even on paper, in an intimate way and allowing each process of development and creation of the jewel to connect with its customer. I think the idea came a lot from breaking this taboo of jewelry and jewelry as a cold and inaccessible place. I want the person to come in here and be home. Only then will she be able to access, look at and touch that piece and let it be played back”, says the designer who still believes in a real and bilateral connection between her creation and the consumer.

“The jewel also chooses its owner. But, for this to actually happen, there must be a comfort zone, a state of harmony. It is necessary for her to be at ease,” he says. In order to continue the life of stone and metals, Karina sees the real value of the jewel far beyond. “In fact, the person can see the creative process, know how long it takes and how each detail is made. Where does it come from. the design, who does it and what are our inspirations. When she is around each stage, it is possible to feel that”, says Karina.

In Apê 22, there is a little of each inspiration. An example? “Beside our cafe, there’s a basket of a collection of cowries, which Helena (from H2C), the architect with whom I share the studio, and I gathered our favorites. I gave my cowries collection to her and she put together in this basket,” says Karina. With a balcony that lets natural light in through the glass into Karina’s living room, there are paintings, flowers and books among the details – which, in an organic way, connect with the stones and metals of Olsen K. “Every corner of the office has these inspirations and that every detail makes all the difference in everything.

I want the person to be able to know this process and connect with everything that is here. And understand the history of this jewel so that you can continue when you leave here”, she says, who always has a smile on her face, waiting to receive those who are curious to discover this magical and enchanting universe.

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